Janusz Bugajski


523519_383642485051591_412287506_nHas published hundreds of commentaries and op-eds in the United States and Europe over the past thirty years. They have appeared in various journals, weeklies, and newspapers, including: Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Foreign Affairs, Washington Post, Washington Times, USA Today, and Christian Science Monitor.


Recent Commentaries, Op-Eds, Book Reviews

▪ Faktor, Sofia, Bulgaria, 9 February 2020,

“Putin’s Renewed Attack on the U.S.,” 19 July 2019,  Sofia, Bulgaria,

▪ “Serbia-Kosova Normalization Package,” 3 July 2019, Podgorica, Montenegro,, 

▪ “Managing Russia’s Dissolution,” Sofia, Bulgaria, 3 February 2019, Sofia, Bulgaria, Faktor

▪ “Managing Russia’s Dissolution,” Kyiv Post, 10 January 2019, Ukraine,

▪ “Managing Russia’s Dissolution,” The Hill, 9 January 2019, Washington DC,

▪ “Deconstructing Russia’s Deepening Intervention in Serbia,” 21 November 2018, dtt-net,

▪ “Russia Exploits Serbia,” Faktor, Albania,

▪ “Why Azerbaijan Matters For The West,” The Washington Times, 10 April 2018

▪ “Fight Putin With Fire,” The Wall Street Journal, 13 February 2018

▪”Czech Election Another Blow to the EU,” Real Clear World, 12 October 2017, 

▪ “Trump-Putin Puzzle,” Vjiesti, Montenegro, 12 November 2016,—putin.html

▪  “The Indispensable Alliance,” Montenegro, 15 July 2016,

▪ Russia Stifles Serbia,” Helsinki Committee, Serbia, 26 June 2016

▪ Russia Stifles Serbia,” Radio/TV, Montenegro, 24 June 2016

▪ Moscow’s Offensive to Split Europe,” Pobjeda, Montenegro, 11 June 2016

▪ NATO Moves Forward With Montenegro,The American Interest, Washington DC, 8 December 2015

▪  The Politics of Genocide, The American Interest, Washington DC, 21 May 2015

▪  Balkan Nije Teroristička Babaroga,” TV Montenegro Web Portal, 19 May 2015

▪  “Arm Ukraine to Avoid Another Bosnia,” The American Interest, Washington DC, 30 January 2015

▪  “Moscow Dissects Central-Eastern Europe,” The American Interest, Washington DC, 29 December 2014

▪  Bulgaria Needs to Decide Whether it Belongs with the West or with Russia,” Dnevnik, Sofia, Bulgaria, 13 November 2014

  “The Baltics Confront Moscow’s Ambitions,” The American Interest, Washington DC, 3 October 2014

  “Russia’s Choice: Putinism or Progress,The American Interest, Washington DC, 1 September 2014

  Moscow Exploits Balkan Soft Spots,” Center for European Policy Analysis, Washington DC, 10 July 2014

 “Long March to Brussels,” Foreign Affairs, Washington DC, 26 June 2014

The Shadow War,” Center for European Policy Analysis, Washington DC, 9 May 2014

▪  “The Kremlin’s Yugoslavia,” New Eastern Europe: A Quarterly Journal of Central and Eastern European Affairs, 7 April 2014

“Anti-Putin Dissidents Watching Ukraine,”USA Today, Washington DC, 16 March 2014

▪ “After Boston Bombings: Beware Russia-US Cooperation on Counter-Terrorism,” The Christian Science Monitor, 23 April 2013

▪  “Russia’s UN Power Play,” The Washington Post, Washington DC, 13 May 2012