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 Columns 2021-2013

For the following publications in Europe:



Istraga (Bosnia-Herzegovina)
What is Putin Afraid Of?
Biden’s Democracy Offensive
Moscow Plans the Next Balkan War
European Union Hypocrisy and Failure
The Taliban Threat to Russia
Serbia’s Home in a Russian World
Putin’s Post-Summit Offensives
Is Greater Albania on the Horizon?
Defeating Putin in an Escalating Conflict
▪ Russia’s Borders are not Permanent 
▪ Balkans are Boiling Again
▪ America Should Prepare for Russia’s Rupture
Battle for the Balkans in 2121
▪ President Biden’s Challenges in Europe’s East
▪ President Biden Returns to the Balkans
▪ Revival of the Greater Serbia Project
Moscow’s Campaign Against US Democracy

Faktor (Bulgaria)
▪ Translated/Republished Articles

Region Expert (Russia)
▪ Translated/Republished Articles

Kyiv Post (Ukraine)

▪ Translated/Republished Articles

Helsinki Committee (Serbia)
▪ Translated/Republished Articles

RTK (Kosova)
▪ Translated/Republished Articles

Gazeta Dita (Albania)
What is Putin Afraid of?
Biden’s Democracy Offensive
The Kremlin Prepares a New Balkan War
European Union Hypocrisy and Failure
Taliban Threat to Russia
▪ Serbia’s Home in a Russian World
No Balkan Security Without Kosova-Serbia Agreement
Pan Albania on the Horizon
▪ America Can Win the War With Russia
▪ Russia’s Borders are in Dispute
▪ New Balkan Crisis Brewing in Montenegro 
▪ America Must Prepare for Russia’s Uprising
▪ US Must Balance Democracy and Security
▪ Moscow Fears Biden’s Balkan Policy
Will Trump Support US Secession?
▪ Should Turkey Be Ejected From NATO?
▪ Trump Sabotages American Democracy
▪ Biden’s Challenges in Europe’s East
▪ Karabakh Lessons for Kosova
Biden Needs a Tougher Policy Toward Russia
▪ President Biden Returns to the Balkans
▪ Stark Choice for America
▪ Serbia and Kosova Must Negotiate as Equals
▪ Are Russia and Turkey Heading Toward War?
▪ America’s Election Emergency
Europe has no Foreign Policy
▪ US Elections Heating Up
▪ Revival of the Greater Serbia Project
▪ Balkans Still Needs US Leadership
▪ The U.S.-China War
 Montenegro’s Vital Elections
▪ Belarus Can Spark NATO-Russia Conflict
▪ Is Belarus Russia’s Future?
Kosova’s Politicians Helping Belgrade
▪ Trump May Win Through Urban War
▪ Russia’s Imperialism Can Overthrow Putin
▪ Is Russia Attacking Serbia?
▪ America Needs a Stronger Russia Strategy
▪ Kosova’s Summer Crisis
▪ Trump to Withdraw Troops from Europe
▪ Balkan Showdown in the White House
▪ The Threat of Pandemic Terrorism
▪ America in Chaos
▪ Serbia’s Failing Neo-Yugoslavism
▪ Ethnic Pandemic
▪ America’s New War in Europe
▪ A Test of European Unity
▪ Balkans After the Pandemic
▪ Growing American Hostility Toward China
▪ NATO Tested by Pandemic
▪ Russia-China Virus Disinformation Backfires
▪ Washington Enables a New Balkan Crisis
Balkans Struggle with Pandemic
▪ America’s National Emergency
▪ America’s Battle of the Democrats 
▪ Pandemic Wars
▪ Danger of Another Russia Reset
In the Shadow of Islamophobia
▪ Albania’s Uphill Struggle Toward the EU
▪ Crisis on Albania’s Doorstep
▪ Corruption Destroys Democracy
▪ Kosova Deadlock is Destabilizing
▪ The Importance of Free Media
▪ Russia is Subverting NATO from Within
▪ The World in 2020
▪ Disunited Kingdom
America’s King Donald
▪ Trump’s Russia Record Under Scrutiny
▪ NATO Summit Must Reassert Its Mission
If Albania was Ukraine
▪ Serbia Cannot be Neutral
▪ America’s Political Polarization
▪ Unfreezing the Kosova-Serbia Dispute
European Union Blocks the Balkans
▪ America’s Two Foreign Policies Collide
▪ Kosova’s Important Crossroads
▪ Who Benefits from Trump Impeachment
▪ Will Trump Survive Impeachment?
▪ Is Serbia Preparing for War?
▪ America Must Play China Against Russia
▪ US Special Envoy Faces Uphill Struggle 
Putin’s Plan to Expand Russia 
Serbia’s New Offensive Against Kosova 
▪ American Terrorism Alert
▪ New Arms Race Begins
▪ Russia Preparing for US Elections
▪ US Election Campaign Begins
▪ Montenegro as Precedent for Russia
▪ What Next for Albania
▪ Summer of Protests
▪ Resolving the Kosova-Serbia Dispute
 Moscow Profits from Albania Unrest  
▪ Albania on Brink of Disaster
 Trump Investigates the FBI
▪ Trump’s War With Iran
Europe’s Unpredictable Elections  
Putin Under Threat
▪ Berlin Summit: More Symbol Than Substance
▪ America’s Democracy Deficits
▪ Growing US-German Antagonisms
▪ Is NATO Provoking Russia
▪ Serbia’s Greater Albania Project
Trump Claims Victory
▪ US-Russia Permanent War
Moscow Supports BalkanPartitions
America in Turmoil
▪ The China Threat
▪ Trump Boosts NATO
America’s Balkan Policy
The Trump Doctrine
Putin’s Calendar of Subversion
Britains’ Balkanization
▪ Putin Conquers Belgrade

Bulgaria Analytica

NATO Summit Must Reassert Its Mission
▪ Resolving the Serbia-Kosova Dispute
▪ A Tale of Two Trump Meetings
▪ Moscow is a Fake Partner against Terrorism
▪ Trump Arrives on World Stage
▪ Trump’s Mixed Message for EU
▪ Trump Boosts NATO
▪ Deal Making With Moscow
The Power of Fake News
▪ Balkans Adrift in 2017
▪ The Populist Wave
▪ Trump vs Putin

Globus Weekly (Croatia)
▪ Balkanization of Britain
▪ Political Global Warming in 2019
▪ America in Turmoil in 2019
▪ West Balkans in the Balance
▪ Trump Positives
▪ European Army Dispute
▪ Russia Exploits Serbia
▪ Post-Election Fireworks
▪ Momentous US Elections
▪ American Terrorism
▪ Russia’s vs American Election Interference
▪ Bosnia’s Growing Volatility
▪ Macedonia in the Balance
▪ Britain’s Isolationism
▪ Russia’s Defeats
▪ The Trump Doctrine
▪ Populist Atlanticism
▪ The Impeachment Guillotine
▪ America’s Media Wars
▪ Trump Challenges America’s Self-Image
▪ Perils of Partition
▪ Unresolved Conflicts Benefit Moscow
▪ Croatia’s Triumph
▪ America’s Political Vacuum
▪ Trump Prepares for Putin Summit
▪ America’s Immigration Showdown
▪ Stopping Nord Stream
▪ Europe’s Cold War With America
▪ The Italian Connection
▪ Trumps’ Diplomacy of Bullying
▪ Europe’s Separatist Futures
▪ In Defense of National Independence
▪ From Democracy Building to Security Promotion
▪ Trump’s War 
▪ Turkey Destabilizing Balkans
▪ Beyond the Cold War
▪ Cyberwars: The Next Battle
▪ Who Decides US Foreign Policy
▪ America’s Democrat Wave
▪ Croatia’s Unpredicytable Borders
▪ Russia After Putin
▪ Dangers of an Atlantic Rift
▪ Moscow Fears NATO
▪ Trump’s First Year
▪ Balkans Need a Vigorous US Strategy
▪ America Poised for An Offensive
▪ US Should Interfere in Russia Elections

Jutarnji List (Croatia): Washington Mail
▪ Trump Battles for Republican Base
▪ The Battle Over Kosova
▪ America’s New Security Strategy
▪ Moscow’s Strategy Inside America
▪ Moscow’s Divide and Rule
▪ Coping With a Rising China
▪ Energizing the Alliance
▪ Where Next for ISIS?
▪ Trump Investigation Intensifies
▪ Three Paradoxes of US Policy Toward Europe
▪ Bolshevik Centenary
▪ Another Blow for the EU
▪ Trump’s Symbolic Politics
▪ The US-North Korea War
▪ Carving Up Europe
▪ America’s Political Hurricane
▪ Balkan Contradictions
▪ Russian Illusions
▪ America Radicalizes
▪ Moscow’s Uncertain Allies
▪ America’s Energy Weapon
▪ Pence on the Front Line
▪ Moscow’s Trump Miscalculations
▪ America is a Soft Target
▪ Trump Between Warsaw and Moscow
▪ Anxious America on Independence Day
▪ Problems with “Liberalism”
▪ No Substitute for the EU
▪ Comparing Trump and Nixon
▪ European Union Needs to Expand
▪ Securing NATO’s Eastern Flank
▪ Trump’s Russia Scandals Intensif
▪ The Politics of Disinformation
▪ NATO’s Balkan Strategy
▪ Anti-Populist Populism
▪ Russia’s New Macedonia Offensive
▪ Trump’s New Foreign Policy Vigor
▪ Russia Closer to Revolution
▪ A Test for American Democracy
▪ Europe’s Next Crisis
▪ America’s Russian Connection
▪ Trump Battles the EU
▪ Trump Boosts NATO
▪ Will Trump be Impeached?
▪ America’s Balkan Controversies
▪ Making Deals with Moscow
▪ Trump the Socialist
▪ The Importance of Central Europe
▪ Serbia’s New Year Maneuvers
▪ Trump’s Foreign Policy Contradictions
▪ The Power of Fake News
▪ Moscow’s Biggest Deception
▪ Balkans Adrift in 2017
▪ Macedonia Closer to Showdown
▪ The Battle for Europe
▪ The Populism Specter
▪ Trump or Putin?
 America Divided
▪ President Trump’s Hard Agenda
▪ Russia and NATO Buildup
▪ The Rise and Fall of Donald Trump
▪ Montenegro on Track
▪ Splitting Western Alliances
▪ Final US Election Sprint
 Will an EU Army Replace NATO?
▪ RS Referendum Maneuvers
▪ Another Election Test for Croatia
 Trump’s Euro-Nationalist Connections
▪ Revival of Croatia-Serbia Conflict
▪ Putin’s War Opportunity
▪ Testing American Democracy
▪ Terrorist Demons
▪ Dangers from Turkey
▪ US Convention Battles
▪ The Indispensable Alliance
▪ Britain Polarizes
▪ The End of the West?
▪ Russia Stifles Serbia
▪ Clinton Makes History
▪ Is Trump a Fascist?
▪ EU-Russia Relations at Crossroads
▪ Stripping Russia of 2018 World Cup
▪ Lobbying as Politics
▪ Two Unpopular Candidates
▪ Baltic Sea Boiling 
US Foreign Policy Choices
▪ Central Europe’s Fascist Revival
▪ Serbia’s Slow EU Path 
▪ America’s Populist Utopias
 The Importance of NATO
Germany’s Rising Alternative
▪ America’s Uncivil War
▪ Republicans Splitting
▪ Europe Splintering
Moscow Promotes Refugee Inflows
▪ NATO Intensifies Europe’s Defense
Visegrad At A Crossroads
Global Oil Bust
▪ Europe’s New Immigrant Crisis
▪ Russia-America Conflict Accelerating
Another Dangerous Year
Polish Lessons
Trumps Xenophobic America
▪ NATO Moves Forward
Turkey in Eye of Hurricane
Russia’s Terrorist Coalition
Europe’s Political Shooting Stars
Croatia’s Restless Neighborhood
Croatian Bulwark
Refugee Test for EU and Croatia
New Vision for Croatia
Croatia’s Crossroads

Nacional (Croatia): Washington Mail

▪  Balkan Refugee Release Valve
▪  Refugees Revive Regional Rivalries
▪  Catalonia Rising
▪  Croatia at Energy Junction
▪  Arctic War
  Russia’s Domestic War
▪  All Eyes on Joe Biden
▪  Judging Liberation Wars
▪  Europe’s Newest Frozen Conflict
▪  Bosnia’s Frozen State
▪  American Politics Heating Up
▪  Washington’s West Balkan Commitments
▪  Merkel’s Balkan Moment
▪  Europe Endangered by Moscow-Athens Axis
▪  Politics from Left to Right
▪  Albania as Regional Stabilizer
▪  Refugees Exacerbating Xenophobia
▪  Turkey’s Strategic Choices
▪  South East Europe’s Gas Wars
▪  Obama’s Middle East Defeats
▪  Balkan Terrorist Threats
▪  War in the Baltic Sea
▪  Russia’s Battle With History
▪  The Politics of Genocide
▪  British Elections Decisive For EU Future
▪  Next Act of Macedonian Drama
▪  Russia Exercises for War
▪  Can Germany Lead Europe?
▪  Obama’s Missing International Legacy
▪  State Terror in Russia
▪  Croatia-Bosnia-Serbia Triangle
▪  War and Peace in Ukraine
▪  Greece on the Precipice
▪  Europe’s Jihad
▪  A Year of Escalating Conflicts
▪  Splitting Central Europe
▪  The Seselj Effect

Avaz–Sedmica (Sarejevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina)

▪  Unpredictable Balkan Futures
▪  Croatia Returning to HDZ
▪  Macedonia’s Greek Opportunity
▪  Europe’s Radical Dominos
▪  Arm Ukraine to Avoid Another Bosnia
▪  Moscow’s Terrorist Links
▪  Jihadism and Bolshevism
▪  Another Greek Tragedy
▪  Chaotic New Year
▪  Superpower Struggle Revisited
▪  Obama Running out of Time
▪  Energy Battles in the Balkans
▪  China Rises as Russia Falls
▪  Pan-Turkism Rising
▪  Communism’s Fading Memories
▪  Lessons of the Berlin Wall
▪  Dangers of Joint States
▪  Next Stage of Russia-Ukraine War
▪  Serbia vs. Albania
▪  Bosnia Cannot Afford Dayton
▪  Serbia is Not Yugoslavia
▪  Europe’s New Terrorist Threat
▪  Scottish Lessons
▪  China Benefits From Ostracized Russia
▪  Combating Armed Subversion
▪  European Union in Transition
▪  Putin or Progress?
▪  Christian Jihadism
▪  Obama’s Wars
▪  The Specter of Albanian Jihadism
▪  Testing NATO’s Responses
▪  Russia’s Rogue Regime
▪  Can Germany be Trusted?
▪  Time for New States
▪  EU Moving Eastward
▪  Unexpected Balkan Success Story
▪  Football Fanaticism
▪  NATO Needs Montenegro
▪  Putin is Not Milosevic
▪  Europe Turning Inwards
▪  Pursuit of Failed States
▪  Return of Fascism
▪  In Insufficient Balkan Agenda
▪  Obama’s Legacy
▪  The Shadow War
▪  Soft Power Running Out of Power
▪  Can Germany Lead Europe?
▪  Bosnian Model for Ukraine
▪  NATO’s Revived Mandate
▪  West-East Crisis Impacts Balkans
▪  Dangers for Wider Europe
▪  The Crimean Impact
▪  Ukraine Russia’s Future?
▪  Republika Srpska on the Offensive
▪  Ukrainian and Bosnian Contagion
▪  Russia’s Powder Keg
▪  West Fails Ukraine
▪  Sejdic-Finci Challenges Dayton
▪  Europe’s Future of Regions
▪  Year of Security Risks
▪  EU Decisions Stoke Instability
▪  Obama’s Non-Interventionism
▪  Greek-Macedonian Drama
▪  Ukraine’s Yugoslav Scenario
▪  Russia’s Ukrainian Triumph
▪  Combating Balkan Corruption
▪  Slovenia Crashes
▪  Turkey Encircled by Problems
▪  America Unprepared for Caucasus Turmoil
▪  EU Enlargement Agenda
▪  American Shutdown
▪  The Future of Trans-Atlanticism
▪  Return of the Balkan Union
▪  Germany’s European Challenge
▪  Russia’s New Western Supporters
▪  Long Balkan Engagements
  Moscow Threatens U.S. Over Syria
▪  Obama’s Syrian Intervention
▪  Merkel’s European Warning
▪  Dealing With a Neo-Imperial Russia
▪  America’s Terrorist Threat
▪   Olympic Genocide
▪   Mixed News for Balkan Energy Security
▪   Egyptian Dilemmas
▪   Snowden the False Hero
▪   Albania’s Crucial Elections
▪   Turkey Struggles for Identity
▪   The Failures of EU Members
▪   The Battle for Islam
▪   Europe’s Bailout Fatigue
▪   Russia Tests U.S. Resolve
▪   Europe’s Rising Xenophobia
▪   Is Eurozone Heading toward Depression?
▪   A Question of Genocide
▪   Counter-terrorism: American and Russian Style
▪   Vojvodina Showdown
▪   Nuclear Clock Ticking
▪   Kosova’s Unpredictable Agreement
▪   China Heading for Crisis
▪   Macedonia’s Deepening Internal Conflicts
▪   Germany’s Growing Anti-Europeanism
▪   Bosnia’s Islamist Bogeyman
▪   Southern Europe’s Escalating Turmoil
▪   Russian Cyprus
▪   Turkey’s Strategic Choice
▪   Secretary Kerry’s Tough Agenda
▪   Pan-Albanian Stirrings
▪   The Perils of State Building
▪   Muslim Unrest Spreading in Russia
▪   Questions About Obama’s New Administration
▪   What to Expect in 2013

Aktual (Zagreb, Croatia)

▪  Putin’s Next Offensive, Nov 2014
▪  Serbia’s Future in the Balance Aktual,15.10.2014
▪  NATO’s Existential Challenge Aktual, Sep 2014

Al Jazeera, Balkans

▪   Combating Russia’s Imperialism
▪   Europe-Eurasia Showdown
▪   What Lies Behind Russia’s Crackdown?
▪   Russian-American Intelligence Wars
▪   Eastern Balkan Conflicts
▪   Putin Fatigue
▪   The West’s Failure in Syria
▪   The Specter of Europhobia
▪   The Rise of European Anti-Islamism
▪   The Battle Over Missile Defense
▪   East European Turmoil Helps Moscow
▪   Secretary Kerry’s Strategy
▪   Albania’s Hot Election Season
▪   The EU’s Conditionality Weapon
▪   The Afghan Threat
▪   Will Britain Leave Europe?
▪   Europe’s Unemployment Crisis
▪   Russia’s Balkans

Ukrainian Week, Kyiv, Ukraine

▪  Western Role in Ukraine’s Turmoil
▪  Ukrainian Crisis
▪  EU-Russia Showdown
▪  EUResetting to a Cold Peace
▪  A New U.S. Strategy Toward Neo-Imperial Russia
▪   More Harm Than Good?
▪   Turkey Between West and Mid-East
▪   North Caucasus in Turmoil
▪   Russian-German Strategic Competition
▪   East European Turmoil Favors Moscow
▪   Obama’s Second-Term Agenda
▪   Russia’s Soft Power Wars

Among other outlets in Europe, Janusz Bugajski has also been a columnist for: Koha Ditore (Kosova), Tribuna Shqiptare (Kosova), Trud (Bulgaria), and Tabula (Georgia)