Bugajski Moderates at US-Ukraine Conference, Washington DC

US-UA Working Group Yearly Summit V:
Providing Ukraine with an Annual Report Card

June 15, 2017                                           

Washington DC
Venue: 1777 F St NW/Rockefeller-Peterson Room

8:15 AM – 9:00 AM       Registration


9:00 AM – 9:30 AM        Highlight Focus Session I

Theme: Why a Free, Stable and Prosperous Ukraine Still Matters—UA Gov’t Perspective

Host & Chair:

  • HE Valeriy Chaly [Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States]

Featured Speaker:

  • Andrij Parubiy [Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine]


9:30 AM – 10:35 AM     Plenary Session I

Theme: Robust Democratic Politics – Assessing Ukraine’s Progress/Regress


  • Bohdan Futey [US Court of Federal Claims]


  • Steven Nix [International [International Republican Institute]
  • Katie Fox [National Democratic Institute]
  • Nile Gardiner [Heritage Foundation]

Issues to Consider:

  • Fair Elections/Programmatic Parties
  • Free Media/Strong Civil Society
  • Respect for Human Rights
  • Impartial Judiciary


10:35 AM – 11:40 AM     Plenary Session II

Theme: Developed Market Economics – Assessing Ukraine’s Progress/Regress


  • William Miller [Woodrow Wilson International Center]


  • Adrian Karatnycky [Myrmydon]
  • Aleks Mehrle [Ukrainian Global Trade & Investor Inc.]
  • Brian Mefford [Atlantic Council]

Issues to Consider:

  • Sound Fiscal & Monetary Policy
  • Appropriate Deregulation/Privatization
  • Proper Investment Climate
  • General Business Transparency/Serious Anti Corruption Efforts


11:40 AM – 11:45 AM      Coffee Break


11:45 AM – 12:50 PM      Roundtable Plenary Session III

Theme: Ever Greater General Security – Assessing Ukraine’s Progress/Regress


  • William Courtney [RAND Corp.]


  • Phillip Karber [Potomac Foundation]
  • Glen Howard [Jamestown Foundation]
  • Nolan Peterson [Daily Signal]

Issues to Consider:

  • Secure Borders
  • Modernized Military Industrial Complex
  • Professionalized Armed Forces
  • Reliable Allies


12:50 PM – 1:30 PM   Working Lunch/Highlight Focus Session II

[Press Interviews During Break]

Theme: Accelerating the Reform Process in Ukraine – What Needs to Be Done?


  • Andrew Futey [Ukrainian Congress Committee of America]

Featured Speaker:

  • Ulana Suprun [Acting Minister of Health of Ukraine]


1:30 PM – 2:35 PM       Roundtable Plenary Session IV

Theme: Ever Greater Energy Security – Assessing Ukraine’s Progress/Regress


  • Keith Smith [Center for European Policy Analysis]


  • Myron Rabij [Dentons LLP]
  • Roman Popadiuk [Morgan Lewis]
  • Taras Berezovets [UA Institute of Analysis of Management and Policy]

Issues to Consider:

  • Expanding Existing Production
  • Improving Transport & Storage Capacity
  • Tapping New Sources of Energy
  • Increasing Conservation 


2:35 PM – 2:40 PM      Coffee Break


2:40 PM – 3:45 PM    Roundtable Plenary Session V

Theme: Viable Social Cohesion – Assessing Ukraine’s Progress/Regress


  • Orest Deychakiwsky [US Helsinki Commission (ret.)]


  • Lubomyr Hajda/Viktoriya Sereda [Harvard University]
  • Vlad Socor [Jamestown Foundation
  • Yuri Sergeyev [Yale University]

Issues to Consider:

  • Stable Class Relations
  • Manageable Differences Between State & Civil Society
  • Stable Inter-Ethnic & Interfaith Relations
  • Manageable Regional Differences


3:45 PM – 4:50 PM    Roundtable Plenary Session VI

Theme: Established National Identity – Assessing Ukraine’s Progress/Regress


  • Janusz Bugajski [Center for European Policy Analysis]


  • Herman Pirchner [American Foreign Policy Council]
  • Luke Coffey [Heritage Foundation]
  • Stefan Romaniw [Ukrainian World Congress]

Issues to Consider:

  • A Sense of a Common Past
  • A Sense of a Common Present
  • A Sense of a Common Future
  • Ability to Assimilate the ‘Other’


4:50 PM – 5:20 PM    Highlight Focus Session III

Theme: Why a Free, Stable and Prosperous Ukraine Still Matters—US Gov’t Perspective

Chair:     Adrian Karmazyn [US-Ukraine Foundation]

Featured Speaker: Senator Roger Wicker R-MS [Head of US Helsinki Commission]


5:20 PM – 5:50 PM    The Final Word


  • William Schneider [Head of the US Science-Defense Board 2001-2008]
  • Antin Herashchenko [Member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine]


5:50 PM – 6:00 PM   The Final Tally

Tally-master Remarks:  Tamara Olexy [Ukrainian Congress Committee of America]

 Summit Host Moderator: Volodymyr Zaryckyj [Center for US-Ukrainian Relations]


6:30 PM – 8:15 PM     Patron’s Reception 



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