Journeys of No Return: The Balkan Sagas of Anvil Kutlas

Is Anvil Kutlas a spy or an innocuous American policy analyst whose mistaken identity sweeps him into the whirlwind of a collapsing Yugoslavia? In trying to resolve the mysterious disappearance of his colleague in Kosova, Anvil enters a world of weapons smugglers, nationalist militias, foreign agents, special operatives, megalomaniacs, sadists, and criminals. And lurking behind the political conflicts and manufactured ethnic violence that tear Yugoslavia apart are larger powers preparing to take advantage of the chaos. Anvil becomes entangled in a web of conspiracies that lead him into hair-raising adventures in every conflict zone in a disintegrating Yugoslavia. He witnesses ethnic expulsions in Croatia and Bosnia, a growing insurgency in Kosova, and political assassination in Macedonia. In seeking to free his colleague, Anvil receives help from the most unlikely sources that lead him to a secluded monastery in Montenegro. His immersion in the world of deadly politics enables him to uncover the ultimate conspiracy.

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