America’s New Allies: Central-Eastern Europe and the Transatlantic Link

In order to understand the objectives of America’s New Allies and help develop effective U.S. policies, this monograph charts the evolution of relations between Washington and the Central-East European (CEE) states in the context of EU and NATO enlargement. It argues that Washington has an opportunity to strengthen its ties with the CEE states and rebuild productive problem-solving relations with the EU and the NATO alliance as a whole, but the window of opportunity may be closing.

In order for the U.S. to develop its new alliances, policymakers must be attuned to the foreign policy goals of CEE states, their regional objectives and threat perceptions, and the views of their citizens and diverse political elites. At the same time, these new democracies can offer Washington cooperation and support on a range of security issues that will serve to strengthen the transatlantic link. The U.S. will benefit from having a credible and reliable EU partner in which the CEE countries can make important contributions. And the CEE states will benefit from having the world’s sole global power as a steady and predictable ally.

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